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Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT)

The very best power protection comes from a special type of transformer known as a Constant Voltage Transformer ( CVT). Providing unparalleled reliability and conditioning performance, spikes and electrical noise are neutralised with attenuation as high as 75dB.
Constant Voltage transformer or CVT use a tank circuit composed of a high-voltage resonant winding and a capacitor to produce a nearly constant average output with a varying input. The ferroresonant approach is attractive due to its lack of active components, relying on the square loop saturation characteristics of the tank circuit to absorb variations in average input voltage.


  • No Semiconductor or moving part used, hence very high reliability.
  • No feed back control used.
  • Intrinsic current limiting and short circuit protection.
  • Energy storage for line loss up to main 3ms at typical load.
  • Short term over load capacity.
  • Higher input voltage control range for load less than rated low.


Input Voltage 170V – 270V (50Hz)
Output Voltage 220V/230V +/- 2%
Correction Time Less than 40 Milliseconds
Output wave form Sinewave, THD less than 5%
Efficiency Better than 80% at rated load
CMRR Noise Rejection 100 dB    
Total galvanic Isolation 3 kV
Energy storage 3 msecs.
Protection a.  Continuous output short circuit
b.  Over load (Output droop characteristic)