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Static Stabilizers

The static stabilizer offers a reasonable improvement on slow servo controlled stabilizer as well as other static tap changing stabilizers. This technology does not cause di/dt problems as it does not switch the power path. The basic topology is with buck-boost transformer with high primary to secondary ratio for voltage correction of ± 25%. The control voltage is imposed on the primary of this buck-boost transformer. The voltage regulation with help of buck and boost topology is achieved electronically without the step changes in voltage that occur when the system regulates. This task is accomplished through a feedback and a control system implemented by using a microcontroller.

The significant voltage fluctuations that occur on the electrical network simulates the premature ageing of the critical machines and even damages them in most cases. The solution to this type of problem is the use of voltage stabilizers which guarantee that the connected loads will always operate within safe limits at a better efficiency thereby avoiding energy loss.

Stabilizers Benefits
  • Outstanding voltage regulation: under standard design voltage range, output regulation will be within tightly pre-set limits, but still higher voltage fluctuation can be covered to achieve liberal regulation within usable output voltage range of 200-250vac, P-N.
  • No switching of active power path
  • Fail-safe: automatic bypass
  • Instantaneous Correction: boon for CNC Machines & hi-tech electronic gadgets
  • Low impedance 0 Low Weight 0 Quiet Operation 0 Soft switch-on 0 Energy efficient

Static Stabilizer is compatible with all loads as it does not switch any components in the power path, ultra low impedance assures stability even with the most demanding loads. The automatic bypass assures that connected equipment will not shut down, even if the static regulation engine fails.

How the Static Stabilizers Work

The higher frequency insulated gate bi-polar transistor (IGBT) driven convertor takes the incoming ac power, measures against the nominal voltage and adds or subtracts voltage, 20,000 times per second, to achieve precisely regulated 230 vac output. The automatic bypass will be activated when there is a fault condition. green LCD are used to indicate Normal (regulating mode) operation.


Advanced Micro Controllers today, the base for the new generation power conducting devices, provides a highly precise correction and regulation with auto calibration feature. Its instant response and smooth drive outputs enhances the performance ofthe entire correction system. Miracle unique single screen and key pad enables the user to grasp faster, the input and output status of all the phases and to read input And output voltage, current and frequency within seconds.


• For unbalanced / balanced input voltage and load conditions.
• For residential single phase loads distributed over three phases.
• For lighting loads to keep optimum brightness with reduced voltage saving upto 35% is possible.


Capacity in KVA (KW) 5 KVA to 200KVA
Regulator Engine High frequency 20 Khz IGBT driven voltage regulation convertor
Regulator Time Instantanious, real-time regulation of any fluctuation within 20 millisec
Nominal Voltage 380/400/415 Volts AC, three phase
Normal operating voltage
{Typical output regulations
within +/- 1% of nominal)
340 – 480 Volts AC, for full regulation ( Option as per Customer)
Nominal frequency 47 – 63 Hz
Ac connection Terminal Block (L 1 in, L2 in, L3 in, neutral and ground wires) provided
Nominal Voltage 380/400/415 Volts AC, three phase
Power efficiency typically over 96% (with 20 – 100% load conditions)
Voltage regulation
(typicol. excluding meter- error
+/-1 %
System Status indicator LCD Meter to shows input & Output parameter
Ac connection Terminal Block (L lop, L2 op, L3 op, neutral and ground wires) provided
Display LCD output voltage display thru selector switch
Annunciation LED display for Regulations mode, Bypass mode & Fault conditions
Mounting High Quality Caster wheels
Ambient temperature 00 to 45 0 centigrade (320 to + 113 farhenite). 10 to 90% RH non-condensing
Annunciation LED display for Regulations mode, Bypass mode & Fault conditions
Cooling Method Fan Cooled
Protective Features
System Construction As per IS: 9815 part II
OV / UV cut off Automatic trip in event of High / Low / Missing Voltage
Overload & Short circuit Protection Through suitable rated input circuit breaker
Soft Switch On This feature ensure that output voltage is never higher than input voltage
upon switch-on, before it commences full stabilization.
Automatic bypass Automatic bypass will be activated when there is a foult condition
Surge test conditions Per Class 2 Surge ( Combination wave)
Surge let-through voltage 1.2 x 50 us, 6kY, 8 x 20 us, 3 kA waveform L-n < 300V