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Repairing of industrial equipment

VFD Repairing

We are the leading organization in the market to offer the best quality range of VFD Repair Service. We repair almost all types of variable frequency drives. These repairing services are imparted by our experienced professionals as per the industry set standards. They only used the latest machines and equipment while rendering these repairing services.

Encoder Repairing

Owing to the efforts of our skilled professionals, we have been constantly engaged in offering a qualitative assortment of Encoder Repairing Service.Being one of the leading service providers in the industry. With vast experience and knowledge we are involved in offering an extensive range of Encoder Repair Service. These services are provided by our highly skilled

Linears Scale

We can repair your linear scale back to working condition.  We thoroughly clean each unit, inspect and replace lipseals, check functioning with our software. We repair:

A highly functioning linear scale is very important in your process to produce the products that you are known for.  Give us a call and we can help keep your equipment on track.

Digital Display

There is a popular belief, according to which, the more a technology becomes common, the quickly it becomes invisible. Invisible in the sense that people are unable to readily observe and appreciate it. Right now, you are probably reading this article via an LCD screen, but have you ever taken the time out to observe how dependent you are upon these products. See! It really has become invisible. Similarly, a capacitor is a device that was invented by a Polish physicist named Ewald Kleist. It is commonly used to store electrical energy in an electrical field for a short period of time and is used in almost all electrical appliances. Capacitors are also used in LCD TVs and if it stops working, the LCD will be unable to turn on. If your LCD monitor is not working properly, then the most common reason for this can be faulty capacitors. While you may fool yourself into thinking that you need a digital display repair but in fact, replacing the capacitor is what you really need to do.

Power Supply

We offer a wide range of quality repair and maintenance services for switching power supplies and linear power supplies. They include standard, custom AC-DC power supplies, DC to DC power converters, modular device control,DC to AC power inverters and EMI filters for Military, Aerospace, Medical, Railway, Automotive, Computing, Data storage, Telecom, Networking, Industrial and Instrumentation applications